New story, The Bully

I just posted a sample of a new story, The Bully.
It’s a short story in which two different characters feel forced to use a gun to take another person’s life. One does it in an illegal way while the other shoots out of self-defense. Each section shows each characters POV and my attempt to get into their heads. This story came about from my recent inner struggle with the mass shootings in America. I have always been (and still am) an advocate of the second amendment, but as a wife, mother, and caring citizen, I have trouble coping with the fear presented by today’s criminal gunmen. I think a lot of us feel helpless and lost for a solution.
What enables them do violent acts against stangers? How can we, as a society, stop them? How do we protect ourselves against immoral people without letting go of our own values?
These are questions I tried to work out in my head while writing this piece. I know that guns are a touchy subject, but I have come to accept that what I write pretty much offends someone, somewhere, so what the hell.
If you like what you read and want more, I will include the full length story in my book of shorts I hope to have out this summer. If it hits too close to home, I won’t blame you for closing the screen.
Thanks for taking the time.

Happy Reading- Talyn Marie

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One Response to New story, The Bully

  1. Novadestin says:

    (playing catch-up after being sick/moving/busy/etc etc :P)

    Since I get to edit your book of shorts you hopefully have out this summer I will avoid this sample until I can read the whole piece 🙂 It will hit a little close to home for me, which will more than likely come up in the editing process, but that’s why I am looking forward to it. I like the “challenging” pieces, the ones that force people to think; that offend someone, somewhere 😛 Can’t wait!

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