The Upcoming-Has-Been-Happened Zombie Apocalypse

I loved this post! It’s cute, quirky and full of good what if’s.
I agree with the author that if there were a zombie apocalypse the odds are stacked against me and I would most likely be bitten. If that’s the case (and assuming I don’t have a well stocked medicine cabinet), the next question is- can I at least select the zombie who gets to eat my brains?

I guess after all the headaches I have given my husband over the years he owes me one so I would probably give him first dibs but, what if you had a chance to have a famous zombie turn you into night of the living dead…who would you choose and why?

The Irrefutable Opinion


For anyone who doesn’t follow the news, the world ended about six months ago.  At least it was scheduled to.  On the winter solstice of the year 2012 there was a large and unintelligible hubbub regarding the end of the Mayan calendar, some interpretations calling for the end of days (or something to that effect).

Of course everyone had a different way of coping with the coming of the implosion of the world as we know it.  Some prayed.  Some went on spending sprees and engaged in orgies.  Others outfitted themselves with Kevlar suits, strapped AR15s to their backs, and wrapped a belt of hand grenades and flash-bangs around their waists, preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

This, of course, was all in vain.  Not so much because the world didn’t end, but more so because, if I have learned anything from popular culture, you cannot prepare for a zombie…

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2 Responses to The Upcoming-Has-Been-Happened Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Novadestin says:

    (playing catch-up after being sick/moving/busy/etc etc :P)

    I would prefer to die beforehand and not worry about all that silliness! Chris can eat me after I’m two seconds from death and can’t feel any pain 😛 lol

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