Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

I have been blogging for about two months now so this prompt is a great one for me. My main goal is to connect with followers.
Right now I have my welcome page static and try to organize my posts into two categories. One is the random posts of my thoughts as I go along (with a writing theme) and the other is links to my short stories or samples of my work.

I am curious; is having my page static and allowing the reader to navigate to the posts they want to see is the best option or does it make my page seem too boring?
What advice would you give to help make my audience feel connected to me?
How do other bloggers feel when it comes to advertisements? Should I use them?

Thanks for your help. Happy Reading- Talyn Marie

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3 Responses to Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

  1. Novadestin says:

    Most people who go to a blog got there from another source and are looking to view the specific post that was linked from said other source (at least, that’s how it starts anyway). Because of that, most people don’t hang around (this is the “bounce rate” – people who stay and browse vs people who leave). I’ve found, with my own blog, that a good way to get people to hang around, and thus allow us to connect more, is to make sure things are organized and have categories of posts easily accessible so if someone is interested in a certain topic they can find all those posts about said topic fast and simple. Having a static page or not doesn’t really matter so long as you make sure things are still easy enough to navigate. Ultimately, your words are what’s going to connect you and the reader so it’s more about make sure they can find the words they want to read and then grow from there. People who like what you have to say, won’t care how the blog is set up… so long as it’s not a total nightmare to navigate haha xD

    As for feeling more connected, like I said, most of that is going to be from what you say. Be you and the people who like what you have to say will respond (although lots of people who read blogs never comment… so annoying 😛 which is why I complete on basically everything hehe). Readers and writers of blogs are building relationships just the same as an friendship so just treat it the same way and the connections will develop on their own.

    As for advertisements, most people hate them yet most also forget they are a necessary evil 😛

  2. My turn to give you a feedback… I tried to have my page static and then I tried to have just my welcome post static. But I feel that a random reader would not look for anything beyond that first post. My About Me does not really show off my writing and my personality, even with links. Again, that was my self-criticism. Seasoned bloggers know there is more and would search for it. I normally take a quick glance before I read anything on a blog. I loved when I came over and reading about your story that won the award. I wanted to read more. I read your story before I read about you. Just my opinion.

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