Tiny Bits of Love- By Talyn Marie

Today’s DP Challenge is titled Unconventional Love and prompts…
Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

I have an ant farm in my office. They are so cool to watch and this prompt gave me an idea for a love story about them. Enjoy.

Tiny Bits of Love– By Talyn Marie

heart 1

Each time I head down the narrow passageway, my heart thumps nervously in my chest. I move forward with intention and wonder again, “Does he love me?”

I know he lives each waking moment for me, as I do him, but is that enough? Can there be more for the two of us? I round the first turn and flutters of hope start their buoyant dance. My stomach somersaults as each step brings him closer. Desire flushes red on my cheeks.

Further down the path, I see a group heading toward us. Hope soars through my body. I feel dizzy with the thrill another encounter with him, if only for an instant!

Earth blocks part of my view as they barrel toward us, but I suspect he is in this group. I hold my breath. My legs grow shaky and weak. I struggle to keep up pace.

In days past, I have moved mountains just to look into his eyes. I have traveled to the ends of the earth and back if only to nourish his survival. I would die defending a grain of sand, if it’s where he chose to make his place. Yes, I love him.


Miners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The group draws closer. He is here, I can smell him! I inhale the aroma in greedy swallows, savoring its individuality. He carries a large piece of rock. He is so strong. He is looking for me too, and our eyes lock in union as we approach. We…SEE…each other!

For this one moment, we are the only two souls alive in an ocean of billions. The outside world pauses around us as we lock in silent exchange. I feel exhilaration in his attention!

He recognizes me and OH! it is glorious to be known! To be sought out; noticed from the crowds, for my own unique self. My heart floods with the joy of his love and breaks with the knowledge that such a delicate thing exists.

We pass and the moment is over. Feverishly, I commit it to memory, filing it away in my secret heart. He does love me. I’m reassured once more.

I tunnel deeper, grab my part of the load and turn to follow out, already anticipating of our next moment together.

Some hills can be quite small, such as this An...

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2 Responses to Tiny Bits of Love- By Talyn Marie

  1. Novadestin says:

    Maybe it’s because I have been reading the poetry submissions for Legends or maybe it’s the poetic phrasing in this piece, but I think this would make a really good poem 🙂

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