Ok, I am back. I want to thank everyone who followed my blog through the non-posting days. I won’t bore you with the details or excuses. Let’s just say life got a little crazy for a while and now I am trying to put it back in check. As far as my writing goes; a little bad luck and busy days can’t stop my passion. I may not have been able to write as often as I would like but my commitment to telling a good story is still there.

As my way of apologizing to those who were patiently waiting for more stories to stick, I want to offer one of my favorite shorts from my collection. I posted a sample of it back in March of 2013. I was saving the full story for a book of shorts but I’m a little more humble these days. My dreams of hoarding bestsellers have dwindled into a desperation for someone, anyone to read anything I write!
Please enjoy the following post and feel free to leave me feedback.

( Just a heads up, this story does contain foul language.)

Happy reading,

Talyn Marie

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2 Responses to I’m Back…

  1. Novadestin says:

    Yay! 😀 Glad to hear from you again sweetie. I know what you mean about life getting a little crazy! Seems to be happening to me lately too. And, Pork Chop Diner… you already know I love it!!

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