Dinner with a Cannibal

I had this idea for a story about a whole team of “Dr. Kevorkian’s“. This a group of people who help others to die for a living. I started thinking about what it would be like to work there and how the individual would deal with the morality of helping someone else to die. How do they decide who gets help without playing God themselves? How would they live with those decisions?

That got me thinking… what if one of the workers came across someone who wasn’t really physically sick but still deserved to die. How would that play into the doctor’s ethics.

Ask yourself What would you do if the serial killer asked you to murder them?

scary eyes

I have the first 3000 words but it’s not ready for show. It does have a title though…

Dinner with a Cannibal-By Talyn Marie

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One Response to Dinner with a Cannibal

  1. Jenny says:

    Personally, I would be curious why the serial killer couldn’t murder themselves. And, I think we need to start taking applications for professional executioner again. I don’t know why that job ever went out of favor 😛

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