Quit being lazy Talyn

So, I just finished reading Jon Acuff’s book Quitter and feel incredibly motivated and incredibly lazy all at the same time. It’s a book about achieving a dream and reaching difficult goals. I think this is going to be one of those books where I turn right back to the first page and start again. I need that motivation.

I realized that I have been making a ton of excuses not to achieve my dream of publishing a book. I don’t want it to be cheesy, I don’t have the time, I have lousy punctuation! All of these are excuses I have been using along with many more. “Quitter” made me realize this and gave me some great tips to overcome those fears and excuses.

One of them is make time. The book points out that, while you can’t add hours to the day, you can prioritize what those hours are spent on. So if I decide a dream is more important than just one hour of sleep or one episode of Dr Phil, I can make time to write. Since I have decided Dr Phil is just too juicy to give up, I am sitting in front of my computer at three in the morning (OK, three fifteen, I may have hit the snooze). My son and husband are still asleep, my brain actually functions better before it’s clogged with a day’s decision making, and I can do something few mothers get the opportunity to do…slowly sip a cup of salted caramel coffee while contemplating in a dim room and wearing a cardigan. I don’t own any cardigans but you get the idea.

The other tip I loved from Jon’s book was for concurring the fear of being a failure. He say’s to learn to write while your still obscure. What a great way to think of that. Instead of being afraid the world laughing at me, I just needed to realize the world isn’t really all that interested in me and rejoice!

Right now I have about fifty followers to this blog. While I do appreciate each and every one of them for actually being interested in Talyn Marie, I have come to the sudden realization that I am not yet to the publicity level of Dean Koontz or George RR Martin. That means that I can throw away my fear of misspelling’s on this post (I had to look it up to see how to spell misspell by the way. It looks weird.) and know that those fifty people aren’t going to picket on my front lawn if I offend them with a misplaced semicolon.

What a joy it is constant reader to know that only you and I will share my failures. It will be our secret and I know I can count on you not to judge me any harsher than to un-follow (please don’t do that though! A good portion of my self esteem relies heavily my stats page)!

So here is the first blog of the new motivated Talyn Marie. Let’s see if it sticks and I can rack up a word count in my future book as well as this blog. Thanks for listening. Happy reading.

Talyn Marie

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1 Response to Quit being lazy Talyn

  1. Novadestin says:

    I could care less about your punctuation or spelling abilities; you’re content is excellent, who cares about the rest 🙂

    (Sorry for responding so late, had a crazy busy October!)

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