3 am

I have been trying to get up every morning at three to write for an hour before getting ready for work and I have to say, I miss my bed. I enjoy the writing part but wish I could stay between the nice warm covers asleep until morning.

Oh how I envy those who write for a living! To be able to get up at eight instead of three. To get to spend the day writing, taking time out at lunch for a nice walk, and using the rest of the afternoon to read a good book or be with their families.

It’s funny how your thoughts come out when you are writing. I started another short story where a man has to work third shift. He’s always tired and although he knows he has to work for the life he wants he wishes there were an easier way. He buys a lottery ticket and becomes convinced he will win. He is consumed with jealousy of the ones who have won in the past. Thinking about the chance of winning (ignoring the odds) he drives himself insane.

Tell me that’s not some Freudian stuff right there folks!

Happy Reading, Talyn Marie


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1 Response to 3 am

  1. Bob Brady says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. It has been a long road for me, a struggle if you will, to put pen to paper. Your words help me to know that it’s tough for most of us. Thanks again!

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