My mug

Remember when Kramer wanted to do a coffee table book of coffee tables. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a book called, “The story of my mug?

Here is the story of mine. I would love to read yours so please respond!


This is my, “happiest guy in the world” mug. My husband and I saved every penny for a good three years to build our own house. Seriously, no phones, no cable… we did not even pay for garbage service. (I had to barter with my parents that I do their laundry in exchange for dumping in their bin.) When we finally purchased the land and began to build, it was a dream comes true.

I snapped this picture the night we received our address from the township. Now- we may have had a few drinks too many and we may have partied with a little unlawful indulgence that night… Either way, we ended up playing a game. Who can come up with the best mug shot using our address as the jail number on the chalk board we held in front of us.

This was my husband trying to be a hippie and not able to stop laughing. The next morning, when we looked back at the photos, I told him that looked like the happiest guy in the world. He agreed, gave me a kiss, and smiled. Every long time married couple has a few of these moments stored in vault in their hearts and minds. I just happen to preserve mine on this classic piece of American art.

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