Living the dream

As I sit,  pondering the conveyance of events in words and imaginings I heroically bestow upon my ever valued fans, I gently grasp my chalice of steamy pleasure, raise is to my pursed lips, and think to myself…Ahh. I love this cliché!

OK; so maybe I am just drinking a cup of decaf that has not been brewed in an English cafe’. And maybe I’m not quite wearing a yellow sweater over a white collar (It’s an ancient sweatshirt with the Cabela’s logo on the front) but still, I love this fantasy!

You know the one; where I am a famous writer sitting in my sophisticated-ly furnished office (instead of on the couch in the dark), looking out the window at a picturesque landscape, and sipping my ridiculously expensive coffee whose beans have been hand chosen in a country with a population of less than twelve people. My mind is bursting with ideas, all of them able to make the “10 best sellers” list.

I am narcissistic enough to believe this is a commonly shared fantasy among writers and that I have every right to dream it up. It is a beautiful distraction from the question, “what should I write today.” It also allows me to believe, for a brief moment, that I might actually do it someday. You know, be successful. Don’t misunderstand me… I love my Kurig, have no plans on trading my favorite sweatshirt for a knit sweater (no matter how many holes it gets), and I’m pretty sure that a year from now staring off into the magical abyss will still involve looking at toys scattered across my living room floor. I may never make the top ten and would consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have just a few ideas that stick a year.

The part I hope comes true would be me writing something you want to read. Thanks for making my dreams come true and enjoy…


By Talyn Marie

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