Radio show

I was trying to play around with the idea of those old radio shows and how you could write a story using only dialog and a couple sound effects. I thought about putting the tone of the conversation in like, “said in frightened voice” or “speaking timidly” but the thought of all those adverbs made me sick so I tried to color code the voices instead. Here are the results. Sorry if it still sucks.

One Scary Mother by Talyn Marie-

“Hello…” timid voice


“Are you um… Kat999?”

“I must be. I’m wearing a Red shirt right?”

“Whew!” Pause, “ You don’t know how happy I am you are not some 70 year old dude! I mean, I really thought I get here and a bunch of camera lights would fill my face for some new prank show or something.”

“You look just the way I expected… beautiful. Have a seat”

“Thank you.”

“Do you want a drink?”

“Oh yeah, that would be great. I still can’t believe I am actually here. I’m a little nervous… Oh and you look great too. Sorry. I hope you don’t think I was being rude. I’m just… well I don’t go out much anymore and I am nervous. You look nice in Red. ”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like something from the bar miss?”

“Oh um… well what are you having?”

“She’ll have Makers Mark. On the rocks.”

“Very good. I’ll be back with that shortly.”

“Makers? As in hard liquor? Are you trying to get me drunk?” chuckle, “I already told you I’m not that kind of girl?”

“Yeah, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. It’s bourbon. Don’t worry about it. Just let the ice melt and sip it. You should be ok. Besides, do you expect me to take advantage of you?”

“I don’t know what I expect…”

“How about what you want?”

Nervous giggle

“Here is your drink mam”

“Oh, it’s actually for her.”

Glass sliding on table sound

“Here you go… cheers.”

“Oh, thank you. Um sir, before you leave… can  I also get a glass of water? I probably should have asked earlier and saved you the trip…?

“No problem. I’ll have that right up.”

“Water… oh common. I thought we were here to have fun.”

“I’ll drink it with my bourbon. I just want to take it easy. What’s the big deal?”


“I like the music Kat999. Is that why you chose this bar?”

“Something like that.”

“Is this a…a…?”

Smirking laugh,

“No, it’s not. It’s just a regular bar. We do go to those once in a while but only to lure young impressionable girls to their doom.”

Nervous laugh,  “Look, I told you I was nervous. It’s just that I’ve”

“I know, I know, you’ve never done this before.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“Hell no, I’m enjoying myself. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s just that I don’t want to give you false hope or anything. I just really like talking to you.”

“Well then, let’s talk.”

“Ok…So…What does Kat999 stand for?”

“The Kat is my name…”

“I knew it! Is it short for Katrina or something?”

“No. Just Kat.”

“Was your mom like some crazy cat women or something?”

Chuckling, “Yeah, something like that.”

“What’s with the 999? Is that like an address or the number of chick’s you’ve banged or something?”

“No. It’s just a play on my evil side… you know 666 upside down. With a name like Kat your pretty much guaranteed not to get your name for your handle so I just added the numbers on when I set up my profile. What about your handle? How exactly can someone be an InnocentBadGirl anyway?”

“Oh that. That’s a long story.”

“I got time.”

“So, now that you’ve seen my face. What do you think?”

“Change of subject huh? Ok, I get you…I already told you, I think you’re beautiful.”

“Do I look like anyone you know or may have seen somewhere?”

“I know who you are.”

Sharp inhalation, “You do?”

“You’re the girl I’ve been messaging with for nearly two years.”

“Oh… yeah.”

“You seem disappointed. Did you want me to recognize you? Are you a celebrity or something?”

“Something like that…”

“Well… I’m glad you’re here.  How’s your drink?”

“See the thing is, I have this past and it’s not so good. Not that I did anything wrong, it’s just something I was associated with… it wasn’t me but it had something to do with me so now I don’t go out much because people tend to recognize me and I have a hard time meeting new people and I wanted to  meet you but I was afraid maybe you were someone from the press trying to get to me so I…”

“Hey,…” pause, “I am not from the press and I am not here for any other reason than you, OK? My only goal was to meet you… the person I have been speaking to online… that’s it.”

Sigh of relief,

“Ok… sorry… let’s try this again. My name is Hailey. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

Hello Hailey. It’s really nice to finally meet you too. Cheers”

“Man you really are trying to get me drunk aren’t you?”

Flirtatious laughter.

“No, I just want us to move faster than this.”


“My God, you weren’t kidding when you said you were direct. My grandma, what big eyes you have!”

“You never answered me. How’s your drink?”

Sipping sounds

“It’s good. But don’t get too ahead of yourself. You are going to have to wine and dine me pretty lady.”

Playful giggles.

“So you’re telling me you’re an old fashion girl with old fashion values?”

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Then let me make a bet… I’ll bet that by the time you finish that drink, I can convince you to go out into a dark alleyway on a moonlit night for a little wrestle with the big bad wolf.”



“Common…are you going to take the bait?”

“I think you’re getting your cautionary children’s fairy tales mixed up.”

“Do we have a deal?”

“What do I get if you win?”

“You get to see the wolf take off her costume of course.”

“And if I win?”

“I promise never to try to take you to a private darkened alley ever again.”

“It sounds like I lose either way.”

Table creeking,

 “See…It’s working already”

Sipping sounds, Ice clinking in glass sounds,

“You better get started, my drink is almost gone.”

Table creeks back


“What are you waiting for? My drink is almost gone. You’re gonna miss your chance.”

“I’m thinking….give it a minute.”

“Take all the time you want…”

Silence… music in the background.

“Why do people recognize you?”


Snapping fingers,

Hey Hailey! Why do you think people recognize you?”

“Oh sorry. I feel  a little dizzy but in a good way. This drink is really good.”

“I know sweetheart. You want to tell me why people recognize you now?”

“It’s because I once did something… no wait… they once thought I did something… something bad… hey, I don wanna talk abou that not if you wanna git in my panz….”

“Did you do it?”

Whispers, “I don wanna talk abou tha now. Shood I finsh my drink?”

“Yeah, go ahead. We’re almost done here anyway. Did you do this something bad?”

“I was acquididid… ackuid-dye-dod…”

“Acquitted, yeah I know. But you and I, we both know better Hailey, don’t we?”

Sloshing…glass breaking

“Sorry about that… sorry. My girlfriends had a little too much to drink. I’m just going to get her out of here…”

“Heyyyy… Im not ur girlfren…”

“What about your tab?”

“I left the cash on the table. You can keep the change.”

“Are you sure? That’s a lot of money.”

“Yeah just… Look is there a back door we can use so she doesn’t embarrass me more? I think she’s going to be sick next.”

“Yeah yeah, through here, common hurry.”


“No problem.”

“Whay… Wha… No this isn wha’s spossed to…”

Door screeches open

“Just a minute longer babe…”

Door slams shut. Thud. Shuffling sounds.


Grunting sound.

Slapping sound.

“Wake up! Wake up, you Bitch!”

Slapping sound

“I want you awake for this.”

“Wha… What is that!”

“It’s Duct tape you numb cunt. You of all people should recognize Duct tape.

Ripping sounds

… See,  I learned something from you…”

“Whas wrong with my arms…I cand move.”

Tearing sounds.

“I learned that as long as you can keep them from finding the body right away, as long as you let that person rot somewhere alone for years…ugh…the evidence just gets washed away….”

More tearing sounds.

“Then you can say it was an accident,”

more ripping sounds,

“and even though the whole world knows you are lying…”

panting breath,

“ even though we can all see it staring back at us from your eyes…”

Frightful breathing,

Weak moaning,

“Helb… someone helb…”

Labored movement grunts and sounds.

“Even though we all saw the proof on TV… that all you wanted was to be free of her to party, and suck dicks, and run wild…”

“pleeze… stop! I’ll give you anysing…”

Panicked sobbing sound.

“…then you can get away with murder…”

Strenuous breathing. Grunting.

“You can stand there in court looking all innocent even though the whole damn world watching you know your guilty, use some jackass circus performer of a lawyer, and get…. away… with… murder!”

Hands shuffling sounds

“So you see,Heavy breathing, “I’m not worried about being caught…”

“Pleeezzze…” sobbing sounds, “pleeezee don”

More tape ripping sounds. Pressing sounds.


slight scrambling sounds.

“If they ever do find me…or you for that matter…”

More labored movement sounds

“We had a fantasy on-line relationship…nothing serious. Just for fun really, but when we met you got wasted and took off…I went home and forgot the whole silly business…”

Metal creaking sounds

It’s not like I was ever in any other trouble after all. And besides… it was all pretend anyway… hell, neither of us is even gay… it was just a goof.”

Strenuous breathing. Shuffling and Grunting sounds.

Just because I was the last one to see you… umph… to hold you… upsi-daisy… that can’t make me your murderer right? It was an accident…”

Thud sound.

“Prove it wasn’t!”

Another Thud sound

“That trunk nice and cozy you cunt?”


“What’s that?”


“Are you trying to ask me why? Are you really screaming why?”


“Well, I’m not gay. You probably guessed that although if I was, I wouldn’t want to screw a piece of shit like you so  I still can’t believe you actually fell for that setup…but I guess you were lonely so I’ll give you that one.”

Gravel shifting under feet sounds.

“I can tell you though, I knew you were guilty. I knew it the minute you looked at the camera. I waited for justice with the rest of the world and it never came. So you want to know why you’re taped up and on your way to a slow death like the one you gave your little girl?”

Sobbing sounds. Muffled screams.

Trunk slamming sound. Gravel crunching. 

“Because I’m a mother, you bitch!”

Whistling tune heard as well as car door creeks open and slams shut. 

Car starting sound drowns out muffled screams and then car sounds  fade away…

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