What if…

I like to ask myself crazy little “what if” questions and see where they take me. I use them like tiny threads that sometimes can be knitted into a story and sometimes I just find amusing. Here are a few from my demented mind recently…

1. What if two best friends fell in love with the same boy and agreed on a plot to murder each other as a way to solve the dispute? They hatch a plan to see which of them is more clever and no matter what happens agree neither will go to the police. They work out the details over a meal at their favorite teen hang out and leave with an arrangement to start hunting each other the following morning?

2. What if a man is trapped in a robbery gone bad as a hostage and discovers the would be robbers are someone he knows half way though the ordeal? Maybe he even knows of their situation that drove them to such extremes.

3. What if an alien were to come to earth to study violence as a plot to take over his peaceful planet?

OK. That last one was a little far-fetched but it would make an interesting study on why we humans have violence in our nature.

These are my just a few of my random mind ramblings. Most of the time I couldn’t tell you where they come from but they are always there, asking… what if?

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1 Response to What if…

  1. Jennifer says:

    A bit late on the reply, but… life 😛 #2 Would definitely make for an amazing story because it’s just the kind of internal conflict that will keep the reader going. But, they’re all good 😀

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